The climate change summit in Copenhagen ended yesterday, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The US, China, and several other countries negotiated a cooperative plan to reduce emissions, but “the UN climate conference agreed to ‘take note’ of the Copenhagen accord, as the agreement is known, instead of formally approving it, meaning countries are left the choice of associating with the agreement or not.” (Also, Mexico is not in South America, WSJ)

This is good news- I was worried the US would commit to something serious in terms of reducing emissions. The gloom and doom of global warming is quite overstated, and such a large economic sacrifice would be more well placed in, say, micronutrient supplements for children. (See Wikipedia for more on the reasons for this) In fact, even looking only at climate change itself, money is better spent researching marine cloud whitening or arctic sheets to prevent melting instead of doing large economic harm trying to prevent the use of carbon generating technologies. Unfortunately, this is another area in which people’s emotions distract them from the true results. Hopefully, the US will not be distracted by the global outcry into acting irrationally. Of course, our aid money that is given to corrupt governments would also be better spent in those areas, but there is no signal that such reallocation is even being considered.