Lebron dropped a 43-13-15 on the Nuggets last night. His shooting percentage was just 45%- not spectacular- but when you include free throws, he scored 43 point on 33 shots. His Player Efficiency Rating for the season now stands at 31.85, on track to be the highest ever, barely beating Wilt’s estimated 31.84 in 1962. There is no doubt no that he will be better than Jordan when he reaches his prime (in most respects, he already is), and the only thing stopping him from overtaking Bill Russell as the greatest ever is the championships. He already took a bad team to the finals and deep into the playoffs several other times (something Jordan never did; every season without Pippen was under .500), and if he gets 6 championships like Mike it will be all over. The problem is that he will have to play against Durant and Carmelo every year, whose teams keep getting better and will be stiffer competition than Jordan ever had. I can’t wait to see it.