Bill Simmons, one of my favorite writers on the web, hits the nail on the head. Tiger is trying to go back to his old style of pre-planning everything, not letting any of his real emotions come through. Why couldn’t his apology go like this:

You should have gone with, “I got married too soon, I should have sowed my oats first, I didn’t, I’m an ass.” Much better. We could relate to that. Instead, you came off like a horny robot.

Who couldn’t appreciate that? That’s the kind of selfish inconsideration that people do all the time. It doesn’t make what he did any better, but isn’t going with “I didn’t consider the pain I could inflict on others because I just wanted the most of what I enjoyed” instead of “I felt like I deserved to have the temptations?” Saying that he considered it and decided that since he was Tiger Woods it was ok instead of just doing what felt good without thinking seems to make things worse.

I think he has a chance to really take advantage of this episode, although it looks like he will not be doing so. What if Tiger let his insecurities about winning and being appreciated be known and go back to the tour ultra-competitive? I would have loved to see him say “I made a big mistake, but golf is what I do and I am not going to let my mistakes stop me from doing what I want.”