President Obama put forth a new health care plan today that will cost about $950 billion over the next decade. It includes clauses which limit the percent of a person’s income that health insurance is allowed to cost. Speaking of which, I have been wanting a Ferarri for a long time. The problem is that it just costs too large a percent of my income. I think they government needs to take care of this.

It is clear Obama has not improved his knowledge of economic efficiency or what kinds of things lead to economic growth and escape from recession. Reading this bill, I seriously felt furious- I haven’t been that mad at anyone in a long time, especially someone I had never met. To say the least, I cannot understand how anyone, especially while he has knowledgeable economists advising him (although mostly outside the government), can in good conscious push for policies which spend outrageous amounts of the people’s money and make things worse for them, not even the same as they are now. If liberty becomes a focus again, then this might be a worthy sacrifice, but right now I can’t even say that.