Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images

Greece is crippled by nationwide strikes, as reported by the WSJ. I love the picture they lead with (to right).

All art aside, though, the situation is very troubling. This is one of the consequences of rampant entitlement policies, indeed those that we are moving toward in the United States right now. Greece has a socialist government, which has gone bankrupt trying to provide services to the people which the country cannot pay for. Now, when the government is cutting benefits in the face of fiscal reality, the people are rioting. The ignorance to think that government can avoid the price for things it buys or that pooling everyone’s money together allows them to buy more than when they were on their own is ridiculous, but it mirrors the sentiments of many in the US today. If Greeks want more services, they should work and earn money to buy them. Humanity evolved fighting for survival and we have achieved this state of advancement by a constant scramble to improve and compete; how some people can ignore the proven ways to success and demand that they be taken care of by others, to me, is a dishonorable display of weakness and selfishness.

“On average 80% of our members are participating in the strike and most public offices are closed,” [Christos Papahristos, President of the civil servants union] added. “The government and the EU must understand that the crisis must be paid by the rich, not the average civil servant. We will meet in the next couple of weeks to decide our further action.”

In other words, “I want things but I am not willing to be responsible for making them happen. The people who are responsible need to take care of me.” I just don’t understand how anyone who has food to eat, a house to live in, and a job making money can say that they are in desperate need of benefits and have nothing more to give. Isn’t this the kind of whining our parents got us off when we were 5?